Very late post about Disneyland (take 2).

It's been more than two months since Maddy and I went to Disneyland with Stephanie and Mathew. As I mentioned before, Chelsea was also visiting Disneyland with Sydney and Chloe so we planned to meet up with them for the last couple of days. We left Seattle on February 1st in the early evening aboard a non-stop JetBlue flight to Long Beach, CA. This was also Maddy's first time on a plane! She did great on the flight to CA and loved every minute of it. The Long Beach Airport is absolutely TINY. We had no idea it was that small and actually laughed when we deplaned right onto the tarmac then laughed again at the outdoor baggage claim area. Very small yet extremely efficient! There was no point in renting a car since our hotel was across the street from DL so we booked a reservation with Payless Airport Shuttle and were very pleased with their outstanding service. They also provided infant and toddler car seats! When it came to our hotel, only two things mattered--PRICE and LOCATION. We stayed at the Del Sol Inn which was literally steps from DL. It was inexpensive, clean, and convenient. Our room featured two double beds and a bunk bed. It was also on the second floor and didn't have an elevator which was kind of a pain when hauling luggage, strollers and small children up and down the stairs. It had a very small- but- free continental breakfast and a pool. This was a wonderful time to visit. Each and every day we saw characters and enjoyed shorter lines while basking in the sun. The temp maybe hit 75 to 80 degrees at the most, which is considered to be  'hot' and 'summer weather' in the pacific northwest so we can only describe it as perfect.
Pirates of the Carribean
Here we go!

"Minnie & Friends Breakfast in the Park" character dining. Yummy and very fun!

It looks like Maddy is smiling here but she is actually crying. She was TERRIFIED of all of the characters.

This is Eeyore being sad because Mathew and Maddy were scared of him.

Steph trying to cheer him up.

Me succeeding at cheering him up :)

Jungle Cruise!

Maddy giving Ariel a hug

Maddy and I with Ariel. Finally a character she wasn't scared of!

Playing in Toon Town at Goofy's House. 

We did a character dining breakfast which was really fun even though both Mathew and Madelyn were terrified of the characters. As always, the worst part of the trip was having to leave. It went by so fast but we had such a great time! During our flight on the way home, Madelyn did not do well. She screamed and cried almost the entire flight. At one point she was even screaming: "I'm done, I want to get off!", "we're crashing!!" and "we're upside down!!". 3 year olds say some funny things and looking back on it now, it was pretty funny. At the time though it was embarrassing and scary because I already hate flying so experiencing turbulence AND having Madelyn's sound effects were not fun!


Disneyland, take two!!

That's right, we went to Disneyland.... again! Stephanie wanted to take Mathew to Disneyland for his 4th birthday so that gave me an opportunity to go again. Savannah stayed home with Jason while Steph, Mathew, Maddy and I boarded a flight to Long Beach, CA. This was Maddy's first time on a plane and she did OK during the flight to CA. The flight home was another story. Our friends; Chelsea, Sydney and Chloe were also visiting southern California during this time so we met up with them towards the end of the trip and had an amazing time together! Noticeably missing were Jason and Savannah but we will all go together again ASAP. Will post pics and all the details soon!


Disneyland.... take one!

Dave and Frankie live about 2 hours from Disneyland and we (OK, I) had to go. Even if for only one day, Disneyland was a MUST. I had not been since 6th grade. Jason grew up in southern CA and went all the time up until he moved to WA when he was 12. Savannah and Madelyn had never been so we spent Friday, December 30th 2011 at the "Happiest Place on Earth". We did pretty well for only having one day there. We utilized the Fast Passes and had a fantastic time! We did not see any characters except for Mickey but only because we waited in line at Mickey's house in Toon Town. From turkey legs to the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean to Dumbo, Mickey Mouse to Indiana Jones, we did SO much in only 12 short hours.  We ended the day with a Fantasmic show that the girls LOVED. Here are some pics from our visit:
So true!

The Christmas decor was beautiful

Waiting to see Mickey

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Pirates of the Caribbean

Jason and his turkey leg
quick nap

Can't wait to go again!